Brainy Bunch


Brainy Bunch believes that parents play an important role in education.
A strong partnership between parents and schools enriches the learning experience for students.
Research shows that children do better in school when parents communicate regularly with teachers and become involved in the education of their children.
There are a number of ways that parents can make contact with homeroom teachers in Brainy Bunch:

Student Management System – Taidii

Brainy Bunch adopts an open communication with parents, using the Taidii platform. In this application, all parents of that class will be included as well as teachers and principal. The purpose of this
application is to updates the school’s events and the wonderful picture of the children actions.

Progress Report Day

Progress report day in Brainy Bunch is being held twice in a year, at the end of semester 2 and 4. It is a formal event to inform parents of their child’s Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Creative and Emotional (S.P.I.C.E.) progress during the school year as Brainy Bunch believes whole child development. Parents will be informed about their children’s strengths and challenges.

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