Brainy Bunch

Kindergarten Frequently Asked Questions

What is Montessori all about?

It’s a method founded by Maria Montessori over 100 years ago using hands-on training allowing and teaching the children how to handle the Montessori apparatus and letting the children experience, discover and master skills on their own. This process triggers, encourages and further enhances the learning abilities of children. The Montessori Method is universal and is suitable to be applied to all children in any part of the world regardless of their individual background and culture.

What makes Brainy Bunch different from other Kindergarten schools?

The foundation of Brainy Bunch is set upon three major pillars:

• Inculcation of practices and knowledge into the method and daily life of children and adults in schools.
• The use of the Montessori Method of education, a globally recognized and most effective method of educating children.
• 100% use of English as the medium of instruction and communication in all Brainy Bunch schools.

Why should we enroll our child in Brainy Bunch International Montessori School?

We want your child to develop not only academically but also develop the total persona of your child which includes physical, creative and emotional skills and most importantly the infusion of a strong creative.  WE OFFER THE BEST AMONGST THE REST.

How does the Montessori Method benefit our child?

The Montessori Method encapsulates the development of the multiple intelligences found in all children.  In other words tapping their individual strengths and potentials in any area of development is a necessary and intrinsic process that can only be found in this method. Teaching is child-centered and all areas of development are geared towards the child’s natural abilities and potentialities.

If I send my child to school late, will there be any charges?

There will be no charges. However, we do not tolerate latecomers as the child will miss his/her major subject lessons. Please send your child on time.

Do you offer school transport?

Yes, we do in selected campuses.

What is EPL? And Sensorial?

EPL is (Exercise and Practical Life) and Sensorial (educating the senses).  They are the most important subjects in Montessori because they develop coordination, concentration, order and discipline. EPL are activities done on everyday life like pouring activities, transferring, opening and closing while Sensorial are exercises done to enhance and develop the use of their senses.

How many teachers are attending in each class?

1 teacher per class and 1 assistant teacher for every 2 classes. There will be an assistant teacher for every class in the Playgroup class.

How do you approach a child when it comes to teaching Language? (Zero Learning)

We teach a lot of music and movement, poetry, soundings and brain gymnastics.

How will you assure us that 100% English medium of communication is used?

All of our teachers and managers have undergone/will undergo the certification in English proficiency and we do have an English Coach. We have recently initiated the English through Mentoring programme that will help our teachers to consistently upgrade their level of Communication in English and we are constantly improving ourselves to teach the children in English.  At school, teachers are not allowed to use any other language except for English.

How can you guarantee us that a 6 year old child with zero learning will be able to read fluently and write legibly?

There are several requisites we impose on our 6-year-old students before any guarantees are set forth.

1) We guarantee that your child will be able to read and do basic numerical operations provided that they have been with Brainy Bunch for at least 1 ½ to 2 years
2) They have no learning disabilities like dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, Autism and others
3) They come to school regularly and on time

We have a standard one prep plan so we want to ensure if they are prepared for standard 1. We do have our target in terms of meeting the child’s achievements. We also encourage parents to be involved in this program.

We have also come up with Express Target Plan for 6-year-old and IPP (Intensive Primary Programme). IPP aims to support all the 6 years old Brainy Bunch Children, setting them in the right direction to promote their progress and achievement over a three month period. This has been developed to deliver a step-change with better learning outcomes in Numeracy, Reading and Writing Skills. It is a special programme to help prepare the 6 year olds for primary school.

Are your teachers professionally trained and well qualified?

Yes, our teachers have gone through The Brainy Bunch Montessori School Training with our certified trainers and lecturers.

How will you ensure the safety of my child in Brainy Bunch?

We have a log-in and log-out system. On top of that, all our schools are installed with CCTV to monitor the safety and security of the children and teachers.

Who prepare food for the children?

Our central kitchen assistant  prepares the food for all of our branches.

Do you accept special children?

Yes, we do but only in selected campuses.  Not all campuses have specially trained teachers who can handle such cases.  Special needs children, if ever they are accepted, have to provide our headquarters with a medical report from a certified child psychologist.

Do you accept installment basis?

We normally don’t, but if need be, parents are required to write-in for approval from our Management.

Where can I enrol my child to after he/she finishes Brainy Bunch?

You can enrol your child in our Brainy Bunch International School for Elementary & we have also added Secondary Level. However, seats are limited. Please register your child early to book a place. Please call 9741 5166.

Are the events compulsory?

Yes, they are. It is also compulsory to pay all our major events fees such as (Parents Conference, Sports Day, Field Trip & Year-End Concert & Graduation Day). You are obliged to settle this together with Term 1 fees.